PG&E | Smart Home

As lead designer and animator on PG&E Zero Net Home Experience in Stockton, California, I created multiple brand and interactive assets for the home intended for a 7-foot interactive display and a guest iPad experience. The 7-foot interactive touchscreen greets visitors in the home’s entrance with further education and an exploration of ways to save both in money and environmental resources through annual and seasonal comparisons, while the iPad carried a virtual model of the home experience. Each iPad triggered interactive visuals in designated zones, seamlessly upon approach arrival via iBeacons. Interactive hot spots call up multiple levels of information for the home’s features. Guests can even have documentation from their tour emailed instantly; all the while PG&E administers such features by a comprehensive CMS. 

The ZNE home's interactive model built an overall energy-training facility that helped educate consumers on how to greatly reduce their environmental footprint right at home.

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