Lowes | GFX Package

Lowe's | Graphics Package

Lowe's recently revamped the design of their expansive online "How-To" videos. These videos provide an extensive amount of support for home owners and have ranked up over 50 million views. 

As a motion designer on the project, I helped create treatments for title designs, callouts, end-tag sequences, chapter tabs, statements, process steps, and many other various design needs. The cool thing about this graphics package was the ease and flexibility that was created by design and programming to create a toolkit that drastically improved speed and production of these videos by Lowe's internal staff and vendors. 

More details + here. 


Creative Director: Bradon Webb | Producer: Ellen Schopler | Technical Director/Programmer: Bradon Webb | Design: Alexis Copeland, Nik Braatz | Animation: Nik Braatz 

Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Executive Producer: Chad Hutson