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Regina Spektor "Black and White"

2 Years have passed since my amazing experience helping director Daniel Ryan and his crew for Regina Spektor’s latest music video, “Black and White”. A lifelong musical fan of Spektor, I have always dreamed of meeting her and even more shocking that day Daniel asked for help on set. It was such a humbling experience. More humbling as the role of a PA. I never realized how much hard work production assisting can be. That day, working 15+ hours straight in the middle of Chicago’s hottest summer month, where the owner of the Uptown Theater opened the doors for us artists (has been closed for 20+ years), flying dust, dirt galore— I never felt more fifthly and more treasured at the same time. Dream experience. I’m so happy to remember this day, and all the beauty that it was.

Also Daniel Ryan is a fabulous director/photographer. Please feist your eyes on his photos from the shoot here.

Alexis Copeland