150 N Riverside | Video Sculpture


150 n riverside | Video Sculpture

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150 N. Riverside is the latest innovative project from renowned architect, Jim Goettsch. The 54-story luxury commercial high rise features a stunning exterior design, and has already anchored itself as an iconic fixture along the Chicago River.  At 127 feet wide, this permanent LED video sculpture  inside of the lobby will combine generative art, video, and photography, driven by multiple data feeds and a custom–built content management system. The steady stream of data guarantees that imagery will constantly evolve, ensuring that viewers see artwork in a different way every time.

The conceptual designs below are content pieces I exclusively designed for the video sculpture.

concept 1: Cascading Beauty

Currents of the Chicago River come alive as animated abstract patterns

CONCEPT 2: International time

A world clock: reimagined as a living sculpture

CONCEPT 3: message wall

Custom messages speak directly to the building's guestshello and goodbye are key human gestures

CONCEPT 4: curated collage

A curated, collaged view move rhythmically along the vertical panels (provided images from the Art Institute of Chicago)

Concept Rendering



Lot's of helping friends right now! Once we're finished with the project the complete list will go here.